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FastCAT November 24 @ White Post Restorations

November 24, 2023 FastCAT

Location: White Post Restorations

400 White Post Road

White Post, VA 22663

Several ATCMW members have expressed interest in entering fun runs at a FastCAT trial at White Post, VA on November 24. There is no need to register your dog in advance for these fun runs, nor do you have to provide AKC registration numbers. You just have to show up with your dog and try it out to see if the dog has an aptitude for the sport. It only costs $5 per run to be paid onsite, maximum of two runs per dog.

FastCAT is a sport where a dog chases a lure over a 100 yard straight course. The course is fenced and requires someone to release the dog and another person to catch it.

Bill Nelson can be reached at to answer your questions about the fun runs. He is also entered with his dog Alex and can be available if you need a second person to release or catch your dog.

If you can't make the fun run on November 24, there will be fun runs starting at 2:00 pm on November 25 and 26.

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